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With an archive of more than 13,000 postings, since 1996 the Online Advertising Discussion List has been the Internet’s leading forum focused on professional discussion of online advertising and online media buying and selling strategies, results, studies, tools, and media coverage. The list also provides editorial coverage of conferences of interest to people in the Online Advertising Industry. Operated by ADASTRO Incorporated and moderated by Internet marketing industry Canal Jovencitas .com pioneer and conference speaker Cliff Kurtzman, this forum provides information and discussion essential for anyone within the online marketing and advertising industry.

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Online Advertising Discussion List Guidelines

Online Advertising Discussion List Guidelines

Online Advertising Discussion List Guidelines

The Online Advertising Discussion List is operated by ADASTRO Incorporated.

In addition to this discussion list, ADASTRO also publishes a free monthly newsletter, the Apogee. The Apogee presently circulates to more than 15,000 subscribers, and its mission is to show readers how to combine creativity and bold innovation with precise русское порно business strategy and process to achieve truly stellar business results. If you wish to also subscribe to the Apogee, you can do so by signing up for it at

Our Privacy Policy is detailed here. Our Web Site Access and Use Policy is detailed here. Our list posting guidelines are included below. Please read them in their entirety at least once!

Conditions of Participation
Appropriate Subjects
Rejected Posts
Other Etiquette
Job Matching Service and Referral Bonus
Contact Information




By sending messages to the list posting address you explicitly agree to the following conditions regarding original content written by you for distribution to the Online Advertising Discussion List:

The Online Advertising Discussion List reserves the right to accept or reject any submission, in whole or in part, to the List at its sole discretion. The Online Advertising Discussion List may from time to time edit submissions for the purpose of length or clarity in a manner including but not limited to removing excessive signatures, providing appropriate subject lines, removing excessive quotes from previously posted articles, and editing spelling and/or grammar.
You own or have release of rights for all material submitted.
Submission of material to the list constitutes permission for non-exclusive, perpetual rights for electronic distribution of your material only in the form of archives, where your material is part of the archive.
Online Advertising Discussion List and the list moderators disclaim all responsibility for the accuracy or ownership of material submitted to the Online Advertising Discussion List.




The Online Advertising Discussion List focuses on professional discussion of online advertising strategies, results, studies, tools, and media coverage. The list also welcomes discussion on the related topics of online promotion and public relations. The list encourages sharing of practical expertise and experiences between those who buy, sell, research and develop tools for online advertising; as well as those providing online public relations and publicity services.

Here are some example discussion topics that _are_ relevant:

New o-a technologies
Measurement & tracking methods
Developing trends such as viral marketing & wireless
Budgeting for a successful on-line ad campaign
Payment methods and rate structures
Banner vs. text vs. sponsorship vs. the latest and greatest
Success & sob stories

Your messages should be succinct and to the point.




If the moderator rejects a post, he can’t always take the time to explain why on a case-by-case basis. Usually posts are rejected because of the following:

1.) it has nothing to do with online advertising or promotion,
2.) it is too self-serving; completely lacking any substantive advice,

3.) it is taken directly from copyrighted sources (we can get into legal trouble for this; best to give the name of the source and URL),

4.) others have already made a similar point,

5.) it is something too basic for discussion on this list (i.e. what is a banner ad?),

6.) we have already discussed it in great depth before,

7.) the post does not have a proper subject line, or repeats too much of a previous posting. Posts sent in with subjects “Re: Online Advertising List/ Volume 1, Issue …” will not be forwarded to the list no matter how cogent they may be. Signatures should be no more than 8 lines in length or I will indiscriminately crop them.

8.) the post is a reply that is really only of value to the person being replied to. In such cases, please e-mail the person directly rather than trying to post your response to the whole list,

9.) the post makes statements that create the potential of involving Online Advertising Discussion List or the Moderator in a lawsuit,

10.) the English is so poor that the moderator can’t understand the message,

11.) it is a survey or request from a market researcher asking for feedback on a company’s product or service (unless something is offered to the list members for participating)**.

**Number 11 takes a little explaining. Here is the reasoning. It is one thing to help each other with advice, it is another thing to be a free focus group for a company. Online Advertising Discussion List feels that if someone wants the list’s advice on a product or service, they should give us something in return. If they agree to offer participants a free copy, subscription, or some other compensation, the moderator will sometimes let an announcement of the offer through, but not the actual survey. The actual survey form should be put on a web site or emailed to those who express interest.




This is a professional forum for business communications so it is appropriate for you to “sign” your message. Anonymous messages will not be forwarded to the list. If there is a compelling reason why your identity should be withheld then you should present your case to the moderator.

If you have a business connection to a product or service mentioned in your post, this should be clear to anyone reading the message.

If you quote material, quote it accurately, name the source when possible and be sure to note where you have omitted material.

Please do not quote the entirety of the original message in your reply. Usually, most people really have been paying attention and may need only a pertinent sentence to bring them into context with your comments.

Please limit the size of your signatures. Extraneous text is usually not regarded favorably. Please limit your signature file to 8 lines or less.

No vitriol or ad hominem attacks — This is a professional resource and we all realize that e-mail is a medium in which it is easy to over-react; it does not support the visual cues we need to comprehend communication to any level of depth. This is where “flaming” arises and we would ask that you attempt to err on the side of moderation in your replies. We need to “get along” before we can maximize the value of this resource.

Limit rehashing — there is a wealth of information on the variety of topics related to online advertising. While the moderator will strive to direct the conversation along appropriate paths, there is a tendency to restate issues and topics that have been “done to death” before, both on this list (as it grows) and elsewhere online. The moderator will attempt to point respondents to the source of information most appropriate to their needs rather than burden the entire list with a restatement of known issues.

Please put an appropriate subject on your message. Messages should not have blank subject lines and replies should not read Re: Online Advertising List Volume 1,Issue … Instead, please title your response to be Re: followed by the subject of the actual message to which you are responding.

Please do not send unsolicited email advertisements to people that post on this list. Posting in this forum is _not_ an invitation to be sent spam, and those that engage in such practices will likely do themselves more harm than good. Many of the list participants refuse to patronize businesses that send unsolicited advertisements via email.

Please also note that this is a public forum. All posts are publicly accessible and searchable from the list’s web site.




The Online Advertising Discussion List also offers a job matching service for those in the field of interactive marketing, advertising, or public relations. If you are an employer looking to hire, please use our job opening page for details on how to submit a notice of an open position.

If you are an individual looking for employment, then please use our resume submission page for instructions on how to submit your credentials.

We also have a referral bonus program for list members. The companies that are posting job openings are looking for best-of-breed employees. While it is hard for us to conceive that there could be someone in our industry that is best-of-breed but does not subscribe to this list… we have to at least keep an open mind to the possibility ;-).

So we will appreciate your assistance in passing on the job opening notices to those that you know that are looking for a position. As a thank you for doing so, we have created a bonus incentive program that delivers direct financial return when someone is hired because you referred them to us for the job opening.

The referral program works like this… if we post a job opening notice out to the list and you refer someone to apply for the position, then if that person ends up being hired and they remain with their new employer for at least three months, we will pass on to you a $350.00 bonus as a thank you for letting the person know about the job opening. This only applies when the referred individual is hired and if they are not a member of this list at the time at which the posting for the job opening is distributed.

You must be a subscriber to the Online Advertising Discussion List to receive the referral bonus. There will be only one referral bonus per hire… for example, if three subscribers refer the same person to us, then we will ask that person to tell us whom the referral came from first.

Conferences Related to Internet Advertising and Marketing

Conferences and seminars related to the fields of online marketing and advertising provide an outstanding venue for skill enhancement and industry networking. The Online Advertising Discussion List attends several industry events each year and delivers reports on key sessions to our list readers. For example, archives of our coverage of the 2004 eMetrics Summit in Santa Barbara, California provide insight into two of the outstanding sessions from that event, which was also covered in our sister publication, the Apogee from ADASTRO:

Attack of the Amazons: Data Mining at
Land of Lost Revenue: What’s Important to Measure in E-Commerce?
And more recently, we reviewed the 2006 AD:TECH IMPACT series.

Below is our calendar of online marketing-related conferences. If you have an addition or correction to suggest, please use our contact form.

If your organization is looking to provide your staff with in-house training related to the online marketing and advertising industry, please use this link to learn more about the services which we can provide.




“Thanks, and I will definitely be more active. I believe I learn quite a bit from your forum and also have a lot to contribute.” Account Executive The Mother of All Search Engines

“I do troubleshooting and set-up of marketing for small businesses. with 30 years of experience I have been trying to find a way to use or even test the Internet as another media for my clients. Your sight has provided me with the information I need to evaluate the media as to what use it has for each of my clients. Thank You.” A. J. Consultants

“As a subscriber to the O-A list, a ‘thanks’ for doing such a nice job. I’m signed up for several similar lists but O-A is one I tend to read even when things get hectic.” Founder, Maven Communications

“Good work. Just what I needed. We are embarking on a new advertising venture for and really need the extra help.” Sales Manager

“Just wanted to say I think this is a great service and THANKS for keeping it focused and on track!” SVP/Global Interactive Media Director, FCB Worldwide, San Francisco

“As a newbie to your list (only registered about 3 weeks ago) I must compliment you on a real value adding list. We subscribe to ± 22 lists, some of them for almost 3 years, but firmly believes that your list is top of the pops. We are keeping all the tips and suggestions and shall built some sort of “help” index as soon as we’ve got a better feel for the type of questions etc.”

“Thank you for your extremely educational and informative “conference coverage” post in today’s Online Ads Digest.”

“It’s so good that I printed out a copy and sent a copy to an associate!” Editorial Director

“Thank you. Your newsletter is one of the most valuable ones I subscribe to. The last two have been very informative. I just printed today’s issue to read on a flight this afternoon.” Nando Media

“Thank you very much for the update. I think this is great information, as the coverage seems very interesting. This is the kind of follow-up we as readers need on a regular basis. It reflects the quality and professionalism a company should have. Keep it up. Again Thanks.”

“Just a note of appreciation. Consider this my random act of kindness for a blah wintery April day way up here in New Brunswick, some 250 miles northeast of Bangor Maine, in Canada. Given the difficulty of staying in the information loop from here or even attending a conference in your travel zones in the US; your best- of- the- day editorial coverage is really appreciated by us working stiffs with no travel and entertainment budget. There is a real effort at effective coverage on your part that is not easy to do for such a diverse reading audience. As a former reporter and community newspaper publisher, I am appreciative of your effort and energy level.”

“Enjoy the posts each day and love all the little practical formulas and knowledge that is shared in your Discussion List each day. I wish I could devote more time to it.”

“What you do and the commitment, with which you accomplish it, each day is remarkable. However, most of all, what you provide is important in extending the knowledge base of how to deal with the surging social change engendered in the business community, from the power of the Internet as a distribution channel, for every form of communication practice. Thank you, Hats off to your group, in a term of respect borrowed from a former generation ago.”

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is a very valuable resource!”

“Your reports are fine and enjoyable. I do appreciate “coverage” of events I can’t make. Thanks.” Eastern Sales Manager

“This is great! I appreciate the overview since I can’t be there myself.”

“Just a brief note to tell you how much I am enjoying the Online Ads Digest. I signed up for it last week and I have already picked up a lot of valuable ideas. The industry insight is amazing! I only wish that I would have signed up sooner. Thanks for providing this great service.” President & CEO Texas Chamber of Electronic Commerce

“Can we all say thanks to your very interesting an illuminating articles – especially the conference reports. Being a few thousand miles away in Scotland these reports give us a good perspective on what’s happening in the USA and rest of the world.”

“I’ve let too many occasions slip by where you had interjected comments into the thread and deserved a pat on the back. As owner/moderator of a couple of lists I know how lonely it can be. After laboring to create significant content that should result in a flurry of activity, only to be greeted with a private rebuke and even worse, silence. You love the list and it shows. You’re doing a great job, lady. Just thought I’d use this new day to let you know.” Best regards. Towncrier Broadcasting. Toronto, Canada

Online Advertising Discussion List Sponsorship Information

Online Advertising Discussion List Sponsorship Information

Online Advertising Discussion List Sponsorship Information

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The Online Advertising Discussion List focuses on professional discussion of online advertising strategies, results, studies, tools, and media coverage. Subscribing to the list is FREE.

Our Online Advertising Discussion List sponsorships provide a way for you to send your message to the 3,500+ industry subscribers of the Online Advertising Discussion List. Subscribers are primarily involved in the field of online media buying and selling, Internet marketing, advertising, promotion and public relations. There are several journalists on the list from the major trade publications in the online marketing industry.

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