If the moderator rejects a post, he can’t always take the time to explain why on a case-by-case basis. Usually posts are rejected because of the following:

1.) it has nothing to do with online advertising or promotion,
2.) it is too self-serving; completely lacking any substantive advice,

3.) it is taken directly from copyrighted sources (we can get into legal trouble for this; best to give the name of the source and URL),

4.) others have already made a similar point,

5.) it is something too basic for discussion on this list (i.e. what is a banner ad?),

6.) we have already discussed it in great depth before,

7.) the post does not have a proper subject line, or repeats too much of a previous posting. Posts sent in with subjects “Re: Online Advertising List/ Volume 1, Issue …” will not be forwarded to the list no matter how cogent they may be. Signatures should be no more than 8 lines in length or I will indiscriminately crop them.

8.) the post is a reply that is really only of value to the person being replied to. In such cases, please e-mail the person directly rather than trying to post your response to the whole list,

9.) the post makes statements that create the potential of involving Online Advertising Discussion List or the Moderator in a lawsuit,

10.) the English is so poor that the moderator can’t understand the message,

11.) it is a survey or request from a market researcher asking for feedback on a company’s product or service (unless something is offered to the list members for participating)**.

**Number 11 takes a little explaining. Here is the reasoning. It is one thing to help each other with advice, it is another thing to be a free focus group for a company. Online Advertising Discussion List feels that if someone wants the list’s advice on a product or service, they should give us something in return. If they agree to offer participants a free copy, subscription, or some other compensation, the moderator will sometimes let an announcement of the offer through, but not the actual survey. The actual survey form should be put on a web site or emailed to those who express interest.